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Sycamore Creek

1 Review
Location Mesa, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 11.7mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Accesses large network of narrow, steep OHV trails.

This route accesses a large network of great OHV trails. You can ride for days, but it’s very easy to get lost. Follow these directions carefully until you become familiar with the area. A fantastic place for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. Those looking for extreme challenge can attempt to get through the rocky canyon east of “Squeeze Rock.” If you do any shooting, please pack out everything. No MVUM was available for this area at time of this writing.


Trail Ratings Defined

Although most of the route is easy to moderate, the northern loop is extremely steep and narrow. Be very careful as ruts and washouts are constantly changing. Turn around if necessary. Expect soft wet sand and deep water in early spring. Do not go when it’s raining.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

(480) 610-3300Tonto N.F., Mesa Ranger District

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Robert
We had 2 2021 Ford Broncos, both had Sasquatch package so lockers from and rear. At 4.5 miles where you turn up the wash out of the main creek we proceeded to the section in red “very steep hill.” This section has been washed out and is quite a tough obstacle. My Bronco has a 2″ lift and I had little difficulty getting over it aside from a slightly scratched fender flare. The other Bronco was stock height and had a little more difficulty but with a few stacked rocks was able to navigate it as well. For those wanting to do this trail without this tough obstacle, you can take the first wash at the 4.5 mark and proceed up to the old mine then turn east to rejoin the original trail. This is an approved FS trail as well. After this, we continued on the trail as described. Passing point 4 is a very scenic portion affording great views. The section marked “very steep and washed out” is a little challenging but very doable. Check the different routes as there are multiple routes down and choose what is best for you and your vehicle. After this point it is smooth sailing to the highway. When we went, there was only a handful of puddles but during wetter seasons this can become unpassable so check current weather conditions before heading out.

Submitted by Jerry
I’ve done this trail several times over the past 16 years and ran it yesterday with 3 – Rubicon’s lifted on 35’s and 2 Hummers We ran this trail backward as described in the book and found the section near squeeze rock described as very steep uphill (shown in red ) between waypoints 3 & 4 to washed out to attempt without risking serious damage. One section was washed out with a 3.5′ vertical ledge, we returned the way we came in. Still a great trip and another beautiful day in AZ.

Tonto National Forest has removed the temporary closure due to the fires for this trail. Road conditions may have changed, don’t go alone.

Tonto National Forest temporary closure. Due to the Bush fire, this area has restrictions. Read forest order here. For updates go to N.F. website for alerts and notices.

Submitted by Richard
The early part and last part is really disappointing with all the trash left by shooters. Not particularly scenic either. However, the red part is quite worthwhile. Running clockwise, the first portion has an obstacle that is very difficult even with 37’s and 4″ lift. We high centered but managed to pull thru. beyond that, it was a blast. The portion noted in the book with washouts is a bit tricky but the correct trail becomes apparent. Highly recommend.


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