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Mount Baldy

No Reviews
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 6.1mi
Time 1hr

Vehicle Types


Narrow shelf road climbs to viewpoint above Colorado Springs.

Trail ends at a large gate below Mt. Baldy and south of Almagre Mountain. You can hike to both peaks. On a clear day, enjoy views of south Colorado Springs below. Great camp spots along first half of trail where it passes through Frosty Park. Difficult Eagle Rock, Trail #93, connects to Mt. Baldy Trail as it passes through Deer Park. Suitable for stock high-clearance SUVs provided no significant rock slides have occurred along F.S. 379A.


Trail Ratings Defined

This road is used to service communication towers at the top of Mt. Baldy. It is usually maintained, but frequent rock slides along narrow ledge road 379A can make the road more difficult. If you run into a rock slide, you may have to back up a considerable distance to find a wide spot to turn around.






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Current Conditions

(719) 636-1602Pike N. F., Pikes Peak R. D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Darren
The trail is narrow and slick. Thankfully there were no recent rock slides to block our path. Not knowing the condition of the remainder of the trail, we did make the decision to hike the last mile to the gate. The views do not disappoint and it is well worth the trek for those that are not faint of heart.

Submitted by Chris
Attempted the Mt. Baldy (Mt. Almagre) trail on 7/30/21. Road 379A has severe washouts/ruts along the narrow shelf, making the shoulder/edge of the road VERY unstable and dangerous. Approximately 1 mile before the gate, the road is completely blocked by several large boulders that broke free from all the rain. It is possible to hike or motorbike past the boulders but is otherwise impassible by any other vehicles. Must back down approximately 1/2 mile over “rock garden” conditions along the very edge of the unstable road with no shoulder. The trail is listed as “easy”… would consider “sketchy” at best, due to road degradation from heavy rains so far this season, and extreme pucker factor along 379A.

Submitted by Adam
As the previous update states, this trail is not easy. It may have been maintained when scouting was done but this road hasn’t seen maintenance for years. Moved several large rocks out of the trail ahead of me before I decided it wasn’t worth the chance in my stock Crosstrek. Turned around at the campground area. If you want a bit of a challenge that’s doable in a stock Crosstrek or similar check out LaSalle pass

Submitted by Brian
This trail was easy a few years ago and I’ve been on it 3-4 times now. It’s not an easy trail now. There’s a washout area I had 2 wheels on the ground at and on the last stretch of road there are 2-3 pretty tough obstacles. It’s pretty eaten up and I barely got over them. I would say this is a high moderate now. I’ve done others recently that was easy… Clear Lake, California Gulch, Hurricane Pass, Governor Basin… Those weren’t even comparable to this.

Submitted by Jack
Tried on May 1st, the last leg on 379A was still too snowy and slick on the shelf road. Don’t attempt yet!


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